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We help people of all ages reclaim mobility and live independently without pain so you can get back the life you deserve. Get back to doing the things you love to do.

We help people stay active, be fit and live a healthy life free of pain medications. We work one on one with our patients and make sure they get the best experience.

We help children 4+ to restore early motor skills and long-term function, so your child can have the life they deserve. Pain is not a part of growing up.

We help people who have been injured or are on workers compensation, recover from injuries quickly and completely. So they can get back to work.

At Med Center Therapy
We Strive to Help People of All Ages Get Back to Living The Life They Deserve Without The Need For Painkillers or Costly Surgeries!

If you or a loved one are suffering from Pain or Injuries of any kind, the staff at Med Center Therapy is here to help. We will make sure you get your life back!


Our mission is to enhance the physical health and Quality of Life for our Patients through compassionate and collaborative care. Not only do we have the latest diagnostic technology that allows us to zero in on the source of your Pain, but we also provide hands-on care in a one-on-one environment with an empathetic, trusting and respectful atmosphere. Please know that we are here for you while you are on this journey! We are here to give you the best experience possible and to help you reach your goals.

The Staff at Med Center Therapy has been helping patients reach their goals and dramatically improving their Quality of Life for 15 years (since 2006). We have continued to grow and provide the best care for our patients. As a comprehensive rehabilitative outpatient facility, we stand out for our specialized Aquatic Therapy delivered in our spacious salt water pools, which are kept at a warm 94 degrees. Our licensed Physical Therapy staff are in the water with their Patients for a hands-on approach to ensure the best outcome. The warm water gives your muscles the flexibility they need to allow us to manipulate and correct your condition without your body weight or Pain. The buoyancy and weightlessness of the water will enable you to move in ways that are not possible on land.

When Pain strikes, it is tempting to ignore it and hope it will simply “Go away on its own” with rest and time… That you’ll wake up someday and like “Magic,” it will be as though it never existed in the first place, but that’s never the case. The Pain will progress and become worse than when it first began. Your health is your wealth, so don’t put it off any longer. Invest in your health and let us help you reach your goals by taking the first step. Simply click here and fill out the form to get started.

We know how easy it is to take Painkillers because they are the “quick fix“. Painkillers often mask the symptoms and make them tolerable to Live with. Not only are these terrible for your health long-term, but they are only a band-aid solution for a much deeper Condition/Pain. We believe you deserve so much better! A solution without
Pain Medications or unnecessary Surgeries, that aren’t even guaranteed. That’s what we are here for. We just want to see you enjoy Life again like you deserve! Stop settling for a temporary fix. Aquatic Physical Therapy is the solution that you deserve.

Can You Relate?

If you or someone you know can relate to anything above, understand that you are not alone and you don’t have to continue to Live like this. Med Center Therapy believes that you deserve a Pain-Free Life. We are here for you every step of the way.

Let’s get you back to the activities you enjoy doing!

People Who Come See us Have Often:

  • Believed their Pain would go away on its own, but it never did. In fact, it got worse.
  • Paid hefty medical bills only to be told to rest and take the prescribed Pain Medication, just to turn around and be told they need a stronger dosage a few weeks or months later.
  • Believed constant Pain after surgery was inevitable and nothing could be done about it, creating weakness in other parts of your body due to over compensation.
  • Tried exercises they found on Google, which only made the Pain worse.
  • Been told by family or friends that “It just comes with age!”, making you believe Pain is a part of Life when it’s NOT supposed to be.


If any of these have happened to you, understand that you do not deserve to Live in Pain. You are not stuck with your Pain. We would love to help you improve the Quality of your Life, starting today! We understand the amount of dedication this takes and we strive to make appointment times convenient for your busy schedule.

Med Center Therapy offers convenient appointment times on Weekdays, Saturdays and we even offer same day evaluations.

Don’t wait, call us today so we can get you on the Road to Recovery.

You don’t have to Live in Pain!


  • Same Day Or Next Day
  • Your Body, Your Choice
  • Choose Aquatic Physical Therapy

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In order for us to meet your SPECIFIC needs, please fill out this form and show us EXACTLY how you want us to help YOU! The more we know about you, the better we can get to the source of your Issue/Problem and get you back to Living the Life you deserve!

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