Testing Services

Med Center Therapy offers a wide range of testing services to help our Physical Therapy Staff better understand the conditions of their Patients. For example, we have Human Performance Tests, Spinal Scans, Muscle Guarding Tests, a Laser Foot Scanner, Gait, Motion and Bone Density.

Our impressive Human Performance testing equipment helps us do Static Muscle Strength testing and Range of Motion Testing. Our 3D Gait and Motion testing equipment along with the BodiTrak Pressure Mat help us assess Issues/Problems when Patients walk, run, or engage in sports like golf, baseball and volleyball.

Our Therapists are trained in a variety of Movement and Performance Testing measure to best suit your needs. Functional testing can help determine areas that are vulnerable to injury, or areas that could benefit from focused training. During your Initial Evaluation your Therapist will select any appropriate Performance Testing and movement screens to accurately assess for limitations and move you closer to your goals.

Functional Performance Testing and Movement Screens are specially designed Tests and Measures used to determine performance and functional abilities along with your limitations. “Functional” can be defined in a variety of ways in this context “functional” is movement by any person that is task related, goal oriented, relevant to the environment and involves multiple body systems and structures. Therefore, a functional limitation is the inability to complete a particular activity at a normal level. Determining normative value can be a difficult and challenging process. Typically factors such as age, sex, body type, occupation, and sport demands are considered. These results are then used to create normative values for specific tests and age groups helping to determine appropriate Functional Abilities and Limitations.

The biggest risk to getting injured is prior history of injury. Many healthy patients come into Med Center Therapy for a full-body assessment and performance testing. Through several research-based tests, such as the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP), patients gain knowledge about weak links in their bodies. After the screening is conducted, corrective exercise programs are developed by our therapists to help prevent injury from occurring. Performance Testing is done at Re-evals and prior to discharging patients.

We also offer Comprehensive Balance Testing to help us determine the source of Balance Disorders and effective courses of treatment.

Med Center Therapy provides a high tech experience to ensure a seamless assessment of patient health and injuries so we can customize an effective plan of care. We want to make sure we get to the source of your Issues/Problems and then get you on the road to recovery and back to Living the Life you deserve! 

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