Neck & Shoulder Pain

18 Tips to Live Without Neck and Shoulder Pain

Neck and Shoulder Pain

When you have Neck and Shoulder Pain, it is very tempting to think that the Pain or Injury is minor and will simply go away in a few days with rest and Pain Medications. Frustratingly enough, that is never the case. Understand that you are not alone, but we can help.

The staff of Med Center Aquatic Therapy, believe you deserve better! We have the Knowledge, Experience, Technology, and Compassion to get you back to the quality Life you deserve!

What are the Most Common Causes of Neck & Shoulder Pain?

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    Tension Build-Up
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    Poor Posture
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Here Are Some Things You Can Do Now to Reduce Your Pain

  • #1. Good Posture 
    When we sit and relax in a chair, the head and neck slowly protrude because the muscles that support them gradually get tired. As the muscles tire, they relax and so we lose the main support for proper posture. This results in a protruded head posture and rounded shoulders. Poor sitting habits for prolonged periods will cause Neck Pain, muscle tension, headaches and even eye trouble. We will provide a free posture test during your Discovery Visit.
  • #2. Raise Your Computer Screen to be Under Eye Level
    Adding a mount underneath your computer monitor or a docking station underneath a laptop computer will decrease the workload needed on your neck and back muscles to keep your head upright. It’s also important to set up your work station in a way that your forearms will be parallel to the floor and your upper arms parallel to the torso, so that the stress on your neck and shoulders will be minimized.
  • #3. Take Frequent Breaks
    Many people may spend more than 10 to 12 hours daily sitting at work and commuting, as well as watching TV or checking emails while relaxing at home. Prolonged sitting will cause Strain and Pain in your neck as well as muscle tension and stiffness in your shoulders. Changing positions regularly will alleviate the stress on your muscles and give your muscles the rest they need to support you fully. Taking frequent breaks such as a 60 second break every 60 minutes will ease the forward head posture and provide stress relief.


Understand that you deserve the best quality of Life at
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