Knee Pain

18 Tips to Live Without Knee Pain

Knee Pain

When you have Foot and Ankle Pain, it is very tempting to think that the Pain or Injury is minor and will simply go away in a few days with rest and Pain Medications. Frustratingly enough, that is never the case. Understand that you are not alone, but we can help.

The staff of Med Center Aquatic Therapy, believe you deserve better! We have the knowledge, experience, technology, and compassion to get you back to the quality Life you deserve.

Symptoms of Knee Pain May Include

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    Weakness or Instability
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    Swelling and Stiffness
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    Redness and Warmth to the touch
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    Popping or Crunching noises
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    Inability to fully strengthen the knee

Here Are Some Things You Can Do Now to Reduce Your Pain

  • #1. Avoid Sitting for More Than 20 Minutes at a Time
    You and I were not designed to sit. It goes against every basic, fundamental rule of the human being design. When you sit, there is approximately 10 times more pressure pushing down on your spine than when you stand tall. Most of us slouch or flop when we do sit, meaning that the muscles in your spine (which includes your ‘core’ muscle group) that are designed to protect you, just don’t work.
  • #2. Avoid Prolonged Standing
    Standing still in one position for long periods may cause substantial stress and adverse loading through the knee joints. Sitting on a chair or stool to unload the knee regularly, going for short walks, “marching on the spot,” or slowly bending the knee up towards the chest while sitting are some ways to correct prolonged standing. Cushioning mats can be helpful as well. The key is to move frequently to lubricate the knee joint before Pain sets in.
  • #3. Be Selective of Where You Walk
    Being mindful of where you walk will benefit you over time. Walking on hard, uneven, bumpy surfaces can not only be dangerous, but will cause Pain and Injuries to your knees. If you suffer from Knee Pain, try walking on flat surfaces more often. A walk in the mall will be your best viable option when it comes to walking on flat surfaces. Watch out for sidewalks, uneven surfaces, drops in elevation; these are all harmful to your knees.  
  • #4. Choose Sensible Footwear
    For people with Knee Problems, choosing footwear involves more than picking the right color and size. That’s because footwear will affect knee health. It’s been shown that the kind of shoes you wear can impact the load put on the knee joints, making Knee Issues better or worse. It’s important choosing the right shoe for you, with the right cushion/support, soles, and protection that you need to prevent increasing any Knee Pain. Here at Med Center Therapy, we will test your feet for Pronation / Stability, Arch/Height, and your left/right balance using computerized laser diagnostic equipment. We will also recommend the right shoe/possible Orthotic just for you to help relieve the Pain or Problems you are experiencing.


Understand that you deserve the best quality of Life at Med Center Aquatic Therapy we can help give you your life back!

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