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2 months ago...

“As a busy grandmother operating a small business, I was caught off guard by a gradual change in my balance and a growing number of falls. I sought help at Med Center Therapy and they recommended a program of physical therapy that has corrected the issue and restored my confidence in living the busy life I enjoy. The professionalism and understanding I received from the therapists was so encouraging and I am grateful for the great care and treatment I received.” ~Susan T.

“After two years of trying virtually everything to find relief from my lower back pain, I was referred to Med Center Therapy by my family physician. Within a month, I could not believe the change I was experiencing. Their specialized therapy proved effective where others had failed and now I have my life back. My treatments and recovery were aided by the compassionate attitude of the therapists who worked with me. I felt comfortable right from the start.” ~Greg W.

3 months ago...

“I had to start aquatic therapy because of a sore shoulder. When I arrived at Med Center Therapy, I was greeting with smiles and warm welcomes. As I was evaluated, I felt like the therapists knew their job well and did a thorough assessment of the problem. As the appointments went on, the therapists were caring yet professional while working on me. At the end of my treatment, I received exercises to do and appropriate information for follow-up treatment. All my questions and concerns were always addressed, and I appreciated the respect I was shown.” ~Charlie C.                         



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