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Testing Services

Med Center Therapy offers a wide range of testing services to help our Physical Therapists better understand the conditions of their patients. For example, we test bone density, posture, human performance, and gait and motion.

Our impressive Human Performance testing equipment helps us do static muscle strength testing and range of motion testing. Our 3D gait and motion testing equipment helps us assess issues when patients walk, run, or engage with sports like golf, baseball and volleyball.

We offer comprehensive balance testing to help us determine the source of balance disorders and effective courses of treatment.

In addition, Med Center Therapy provides a high technology experience to ensure a seamless assessment of patient health and injuries so we can customize an effective careplan.

Call us at (713) 668-1818 for a free consultation or initial evaluation. 

Stop by and see the clinic at 2229 Dorrington Street.

We are behind McDonald's on Holcombe Street, in a bright blue building.

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