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Aquatic Therapy

At Med Center Therapy, there are two distinguishing features to our successful Aquatic Physical Therapy program.

The first is that we keep our large, therapeutic saltwater pools at a comfortable, soothing 93 degrees Fahrenheit, considerably warmer than other clinics that average temperature range of 84-89 degrees.

The second is that our Physical Therapists actually get right in the water with our patients, as they should. Our Manual Therapy is one-on-one in the pools. We customizing a program for your specific needs, rather than just standing on the side and watching.

We have found this to be a highly effective approach. In fact, it is said that every session in the water is the equivalent to three to four on land. That is because the buoyancy or weightlessness of the water enables you  to move in the water in ways that are not possible on land. In addition, the warm salt water provides a healing setting for your success.  

The benefit of the weight relief is tremendous when dealing with injured limbs. For example, if you are waist-deep in water, it takes 50 percent of your weight off, and if you are chest deep, you lose 70 percent of your weight. If you are neck deep, 100 percent of your weight is relieved from your joints.

Being in the water also helps to relieve swelling in arms and legs because of the pressure exerted on your body from the water.

Aquatic Physical Therapy allows our Physical Therapists to speed up your healing process because it is much less painful than doing exercises on the land. The pressure of the water also increases circulation, especially to the hands and feet, pushing the healing blood to the injured areas.

Because water is six times denser than air, Aquatic Physical therapy provides a safe and even resistance on the body, helping with strengthening and posture control.

Call us at (713) 668-1818 for a free consultation or initial evaluation. 

Stop by and see the clinic at 2229 Dorrington Street.

We are behind McDonald's on Holcombe Street, in a bright blue building.

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