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About Us

Ensuring that our patients restore their quality of life and are not burdened with pain is a priority for the dedicated professionals of Med Center Therapy, providing physical therapy to residents of Houston and surrounding areas.

There are a number of reasons we have earned an enviable reputation since we opened at this location in 2006, three years after our company was launched in Houston.

At Med Center Therapy, our mission is to enhance the physical health and quality of life for our patients through compassionate and collaborative care.

Our impressive array of services is topped only by our respect and empathy for our patients, in addition to the skill and professionalism of our staff.

As a comprehensive rehabilitative outpatient facility, we are distinguished for our aquatic therapy delivered in our spacious saltwater pool that is kept at 93 degrees Fahrenheit, considerably warmer than the average of 84-90 degree range. Our trained physical therapists also get right in the water with you and work one-on-one to ensure that you have the support and care you need to make the most of your treatment.  

We combine the personal touch of our licensed, skilled Physical Therapists with the latest diagnostic technology and treatments to allow us to zero in on the source of your pain and prepare a customized program for healing.

We understand the need to balance your healing process with other activities by offering convenient appointment times on weekdays and Saturdays, same day evaluations and complimentary beverage/towel service during treatments.

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